Bands and Artist of 80 & 90

Visor Fest


Artists and bands that were born in the decades of the 80s and 90s


Recall the aroma of the festivals of the 80 ‘and 90’ that made us love live music


Rock, pop and electronic music


National and international public


Concerts without overlaps


Excellent and well-taken care of gastronomy

2-3 NOVEMBER 2018

Bands closed to date: The Flaming Lips, Ride, Saint Etienne, Chameleons Vox, Addictive TV, Cat Power, Megabeat – Interfront, Dj Amable, Julio Rodenas Dj (Radio3 -Turbo 3), Bilbadino Dj, Miqui Puig Dj, Toño + Bryan (Camelot Djs), Roberto + Jose Miguel (Camelot Djs) and more to announce in the near future.

Visor Fest unites the musical past with the present in the city of eternal summer, Benidorm.

International Artists and Bands that were born in the 80-90’s decades but still have a fresh and very current discourse. Looking to remember the scent of those first festivals in the 90s that made us love live music, and where we went to enjoy it.

The music styles are very broad predominating rock, pop and electronic music, without closing anything.

Visor Fest allows you to enjoy all the concerts without overlaps and with full concerts as if you were in a club. Slipping away from the madness that sometimes involves running between stages and losing many of the bands and activities that the festival is offering.

A global experience that seeks to enjoy music without stress and without haste, enjoying everything that surrounds it, such as the excellent and careful cuisine that we will have, the gamers area or the wonderful climate of the city that allows in the middle of November to enjoy almost summery temperatures.