Bands and Artist of 80 & 90


After a first album since record independently, Surfin ‘Bichos became, with its subversive, disturbing and addictive vision of rock, the new great hope for the Spanish music industry, in the middle of Nirvana era. Some reputed critic came to say “they are not our Nirvana, they are infinitely better“. Be that as it may, they were the rupture sounding in the radio-formulas, the agitation of concert halls and major parties. They revolutionized the foundations of post-live music and foreshadowed the indie rock explosion, that would come a few years later. After that first album in the Magnetic Factory, they produced four more albums in a major, RCA, which are already part of the land of myths in the collective imagination of this country.

Recently, the group’s original lineup came together again to relive those songs, their bastard hits, on stages throughout Spain, through festivals such as the FIB or Primavera Sound, and showing a rapturous form on the tables, according to all the reviews. At the same time, Sony reissued all his discography, both on vinyl and in a luxurious box set of 6 CD + 1 DVD, complete vocations.

And this year, the tour continues, the mythological bugs are still standing, rebelling. Interpreting his bastard successes. For all of you.