Bands and Artist of 80 & 90

Megabeat – Interfront

Fran-Gani Corporation celebrates the return to the stages with Megabeat – Interfront in its 30th anniversary.

Megabeat was the pioneer group of electronic music in Spain. Founded in October 1989 by Fran Lenaers and Gani Manero, in just two months, they record their first album “Megabeat 1” with the participation of B. Blaya and the album was an international success. In February of 1990 the formation was completed with the incorporation of Julio Nexus.

Both Fran and Gani were already well known in the Valencia route for being the resident DJs in famous clubs as Spook (Fran) and ACTV (Gani), which thanks to their skills with mixing made them fashionable, leaving a indelible mark and a legacy that still exists today.

The first recording as Fran-Gani Corporación (Sun Corporación) was in 1988 with the album The Mole-Stones and its great success “Manuela” which also had the collaboration of B.Blaya.

This recording, the first made by Dj’s, was the beginning of the real Valencia Route.
Working in their respective works in both SPOOK and ACTV, it was not until a year after they could realize what would be their first international success “MEGABEAT 1”