Bands and Artist of 80 & 90

Extraordinary times require extraordinary music.

Last summer, James returned with new songs forged in these strange days.

The Mancunians returned in May with the EP “Better Than That” and later in August with their 15th studio album, appropriately titled “Living In Extraordinary Times”. Listened together, they show that James is as vital, visceral and urgent as ever.


James is one of the most famous and long-lasting British indie rock bands. Formed in 1982 in Whalley Range, Manchester, their debut EP “Jimone” was released in November the following year on Factory Records and made Morrissey and Johnny Marr their first fans. The band continued producing a series of great successes during the following three decades, including “Come Home”, “Sit Down”, “She’s a Star” and “Laid”.

The longevity of the band can be attributed to its constant process of renewal and reinvention. His most recent album, “Girl at the End of the World” of 2016, debuted at number two on the album sales charts of the United Kingdom. In total, they have sold over 25 million albums worldwide, including their “Best Of” of 1998, which was number one in the United Kingdom and got triple platinum record. James’ reputation as an exceptionally important live live performance is well deserved, having led festivals from Glastonbury in 1992 to Festival No. 6 in 2015.