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Bilbadino DJ

A Bilbadino is already known for being the perfect fusion between the most rogue part of rock, the indie more Underground and the electronic forcefulness with a single objective: To achieve timeless musical eclecticity in its sessions.

Autodidact since its inception, his long career has made him go through the analog sound of vinyl and the revolution of the ‘cd players’ to the technology of computers with a very personal technique mixing different kinds of antagonistic music without complexes in a matter of minutes.

He has been part of the Razzmatazz booth for 10 years living the golden age of alternative indie, while visiting festivals such as the FIB, Low Cost, SOS, BBK Live, Let’s Festival, Deleste … being his sessions a classic in the endless list of alternative clubs of our country and even beginning to sound for the rest of Europe: Atomic (München), Club NME @ Koko, Casino Royale @ Barfly (London), KingKongKlub, Club Lido (Berlin).

In his most experimental and creative phase, he has been working behind the machines creating remixes as danced as “Toro” from “El Columpio Asesino” or “Grises”, the Americans “The Black Keys”, the Irish “Delorentos”, “Crystal Fighters” or adapting themes from “Two Door Cinema Club”, “Paul Kalkbrenner” or “The Rapture”.