Bands and Artist of 80 & 90

Addictive TV

“The World’s most popular audiovisual artists” (Time Out London)

Virtuous of the remix, Addictive TV are one of the only sets of the electronic scene that mixes audio and video. Their impressive shows owe their success to their video-mash-ups and their audiovisual remixes. They mix the electronic music with images according to the rhythm of the songs and that help to create an atmosphere and sensations different from what is expected of a conventional concert. What you see is what you hear!

Recognized by important artists such as Grandmaster Flash, Moby and Karl Bartos from Kraftwerk, Addictive TV has been chosen twice as the best group of VJs in the world by DJ Mag magazine.

The group has played in more than 40 countries – Brazil, Mexico, USA, Japan, China and all of Europe – in such disparate settings as the Center Pompidou in Paris, the IMAX cinema in London, the Womb club in Tokyo and Razzmatazz in Barcelona, the Skolbeats festivals or the famous Glastonbury.

In 2006, Addictive TV was selected to be the first group in the world to make the official remix of a Hollywood movie. They mixed the viral video promoting Take the Lead, a film starring Antonio Banderas. In addition, Addictive TV has made official remixes of other films such as Iron Man, Slumdog Millionaire, and Fast & Furious.